As an NVOCC, ZMS presently owns a fleet of 500Teus, with a mix of 20' / 40' STD & HC
and Special Equipment.

All around services provided by ZMS are as follows:

  • Experts in on-carriage into IRAN, CIS & AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ
  • NVOCC (Iran, Iraq, the Indian Sub-Continent, South East Asia Sectors)

we represent some of the established NVOCCs offering FCL container services, between
Middle East, Indian Sub Continent and South East Asia sectors.



ZMS is a leading force in Iran with regards to International Transportation by road & rail
to Afghanistan & all CIS Countries.

ZMS strength in this service is the shortest transit time with an economically
advantageous service backed up with daily cargo tracking reports to ensure customer

ZMS also offers Reefer Services to CIS & Afghanistan.


ZMS has recognized the immense traffic moving into this region comprising of Nation
Building Projects along with Commercial Cargoes (RO/RO, Break Bulk or Containerized)

We have proudly established a Secure and Stable Transport Service to Iraq and internal
Iraqi provinces.